Use Silvermine Stone to Protect From Water Damage & Minimize Void Space for Insects

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Silvermine Is The Solution

Patented hanging and flashing system

Almost impossible to install incorrectly

No water penetration

Silvermine Eliminates the Perils of
Water Damage

Stone siding is increasingly popular because it has the attractive look of real stone at a fraction of the cost.

However, most people are surprised to learn that stone is not watertight. Water will penetrate stone, which can lead to serious issues if it isn't designed or installed properly – remaining in the wall and causing expensive structural damage over time.

Unlike the competition, our patented hanging and flashing system creates a tight seal on the wall, moving water down the outer edges of each piece, keeping water away from the home.

More than 90% of stone veneer siding is
installed incorrectly*

*In accordance with the industry standard from the National Concrete Masonry Association™

Water Damage

Silvermine’s Patented Flashing and Fastening System is the only stone designed to keep water away from the wall. Other stone products are designed to bring the water behind the stone and drain between the stone and a water barrier. Watch this video to see the Silvermine Difference.

Advantages of Silvermine Stone Siding

Real Stone Aesthetic

Elevate the value of your home or business with our easy-to-install mortarless architectural stone products. Our range of stone architectural accent designs and colors will suit any location and budget.

Easy To Install

Silvermine® Stone Siding offers the easiest installation in the market. Our patented flashing and fastening system has been specifically engineered to address the challenges faced by both mortared and mortarless stone products.

Protects From Water

Unlike any other stone product, our patented flashing system creates a tight seal on the wall, moving water away from the structure eliminating the need for an additional water barrier or drainage plane

Protect Your Biggest Asset

  • Defects are hard to find
  • Defects are not obvious
  • By the time you find the defects it's too late

When installed properly by a certified mason, there is typically no concern.

But when a builder skips steps and takes shortcuts, gaps will remain, cracks will happen, and there will be pathways for water to penetrate into the wood structure.

There's no way to fix this issue without tearing everything off and starting all over.

Mold and Mildew Liability Problems

Trapped water can cause mold, and many stone veneer products allow water to seep in with no ability to escape.

Mold and mildew doesn't just affect old homes – improper installation, mis-matched products and poor design can leave even recent builds at risk of potentially hazardous "infection" and failure, requiring expensive repairs or complete rebuilds.

Freeze/Thaw Issues

When water gets inside the outer cladding of your home in colder weather, it can freeze and expand.

This can cause your siding to pop and break, creating more opportunities for further water to get in and cause more damage.


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